Building Technician

Job profil

Location: Montreal
Departement : Operations
Reports to : Building Manager

Position Summary

We are currently looking for a Building Technician for one of our buildings located in Montreal.

Reporting to the Building Manager, the main responsibilities of the Maintenance Man are to ensure the cleanliness and access to the building, to see to the preventive and corrective maintenance of the various equipment, buildings and related systems, to carry out minor repairs and, upon request, work for the tenants.

Company Description

Initiated by informed investors wishing to participate in the growth of the sector and establish a large portfolio of commercial and residential buildings, GALION manages and develops real estate projects with high added value. Our team is made up of seasoned professionals who use their talent and expertise to build and lead coveted projects.

Main responsibilities

The Building Technician is responsible for performing the following duties specific to their position:

Ensure the cleanliness and maintenance of the premises

  • Ensure that the interior and exterior of the building are maintained at an exemplary level of cleanliness;
  • Ensure security and access to the building for tenants, visitors and suppliers (access cards);
  • Perform minor repairs, such as replacing neon lights or defective parts, adjusting heating, cooling, ventilation and plumbing systems as well as the electrical system;
  • Ensure the execution and follow-up of seasonal work;
    Carry out routine maintenance work, such as painting and repairs to the various architectural elements of the building (door, door handle, flooring, faucet, etc.);
  • Notify the Building Manager in case of anomalies.

Perform corrective preventive maintenance of equipment

  • Upgrade equipment and perform general maintenance tasks, as needed motorized and other equipment: oil change, greasing, minor repairs and cleaning;
  • See to the proper functioning and smooth running of activities relating to the maintenance and operation of the building’s electromechanical systems and follow up on preventive maintenance and corrective measures for the various equipment, buildings and related systems with suppliers ;
  • Check the roofs of all buildings, drains and report any anomalies;
  • Check the various components of the buildings and identify anomalies, such as: plumbing, electricity, lighting, emergency lighting, pump, fire alarm panel, sprinkler system, extinguishers, windows, signs, water valves, panels. display in the parking lot, road condition);
  • Attend annual inspections of the fire and sprinkler system, with the security team. Follow up to make corrections when necessary;
  • Check the proper functioning of the intelligent building system (HVAC controls, camera system, door access, lighting and irrigation) and ensure the updating of these systems. Call on external suppliers when necessary and after discussing with his immediate superior.

Customer service

  • Respond to service requests from existing office tenants, mainly comfort complaints, water leaks, repairs to doors, blinds, etc. and commercial tenants for specific needs such as scrap removal.

Skill Profile and Qualification Required

Education / Experience / Certification

  • DES or other relevant training or compensatory work experience;
  • 3 years relevant experience in a position with similar responsibilities.

Skills and Abilities Required

  • Knowledge of electro-mechanics and the operation and control of air conditioning and heating units;
  • Excellent oral communication in French and functional English;
  • Be available 24/7 (for emergencies only);
  • You are a person with good manual dexterity;
  • You are motivated, autonomous and have a good sense of organization;
  • You are a good communicator and are comfortable with customers.

Are you interested in this position? Please send your CV to the following address: [email protected]


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